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Increase engagement with your brand with Apple Music for Business, brought to you by PlayNetwork. This revolutionary service combines world-class music curation, proprietary technology, and easy-to-use tools to let customers listen to, share, and enjoy the music your brand plays—no matter where they go.

Work with
the Experts

The music editors at Apple Music are constantly crafting exciting new playlists in every genre, and for any mood or moment. PlayNetwork’s music supervisors hand-select tracks from these playlists to help you develop a solid music strategy and build a custom sound for your brand.

Adapt toany audience

Increase global brand loyalty with playlists tailored by country and region, adding local flavor and recognizable artists to any setting.

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Stay relevantto customers

Freshen up your sound and keep your brand current in the minds of customers with frequently updated playlists.

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Avoid licensingchallenges

Play the music your customers love, licensed for business use by PlayNetwork’s team.*

Licensed for your business
Built for
your world

Since every business is unique, the Apple Music for Business interface was created for adaptability. Its features can accommodate any setting where music is played.

A familiar experienceYour own music libraryMusic that fits your scheduleFlexible player options

Easy to use

Easy to use

Apple Music for Business employs a user-friendly design that gives you or your employees instant, hassle-free access to your playlists.

Fully adaptable

Fully adaptable

Get complete control over your music, and tailor which playlists will appear in each setting or locale.

Always on schedule

Always on schedule

Day/date parting allow you to control the precise times playlists are played.

Total flexibility

Total flexibility

The proprietary iOS app and CURIOPlayer Z8 music players can be used alone or paired together to control your music in-venue.

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Marketing that
makes a difference

Partners receive dedicated support designed to get more customers to listen to and share your music—all while earning your brand additional revenue. It’s a total end-to-end customer engagement and retention experience.

Keep the music going

The Apple Music platform enables you to extend your customers’ in-venue music experience and take it with them as they listen to playlists and discover more great music.

Make marketing easy

All partners receive an Apple Music marketing toolkit containing creative assets, digital tools, and brand guidance to help you clearly communicate what music is playing and where to find it.

marketing made easy
Enjoy dedicated support
Enjoy dedicated support

Receive hands-on help and go-to-market planning from a PlayNetwork engagement manager trained to help optimize your campaigns.

Discover new insights
Discover new insights

Monthly reports show how your music and marketing is driving engagement with customers and which marketing channels are performing best.

Earn new revenue
Earn new revenue

When a customer starts an Apple Music trial from one of your branded links, you’ll receive a referral fee with no cap on earnings.

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Apple Music for Business is currently available to enterprise brands. Express your interest by filling out the form below*.

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